The Ceremony of Smoking Mirrors was held, the Healing Room was prepped and the Directions were called in.

The sacred herbs were lit, prayers were said and deeper protection was put into place.

Kneeling before the divide of different dimensions can be pretty daunting for a first timer, but the energy is held by others in the sacred space.

The energy changes and the visions appear. As you watch Ancestors form before your eyes, you also receive many messages, understanding their journeys and also why they have visited you during the ceremony.

It is with great respect, to understand that during the ceremony you are so close to the ancestors in visual form. It is such an honour that you have been gifted this glimpse into their world. Sitting either side of the mirror with those who want to come and share this time with you, from behind the veil. Both worlds meeting, both souls connecting.

Many thanks were given and the Mirror closed. Gratitude prayers were given.

Time in silence afterwards to reflect of the magnitude of the connection.

Blessed Be.