The Shamanic Wheel of the Year turns slowly on its own without a helping hand from us, bringing fabulous times for us to celebrate it’s turning times. It is the pattern or map of nature that we can keep in sync with to remain balanced with the energies of the land and Mother Earth.

We are, at the moment in the time of Winter Solstice, also known as Winter Tide and Yule, to name a few. Many traditions have different names for each point of the Wheel and each has a sacred ceremony when we can honour and celebrate these changes as the wheel turns.

Winter Solstice

At this moment in times, we are within the energy of the Winter Solstice. The peak of this turn of the wheel occurs on 21st December, the longest night of the year and the shortest day. It is the changing point of when the light returns and from that point, each day becomes a little lighter as we make our way around the Wheel of the Year towards Imbolc on the 1st February.

Place of stillness

During this time, if we connect with this amazing Map of Nature, we are also in the place of stillness. During this time, our ancient ancestors would have had little daylight to work in, so they would have spent more time within their homes and shelters, eating food that was stored from the harvests during the year.

Stories around the Fires

They would have gathered to tell stories around their fires, drummed beneath the moon and stars. They would have generally recouped their energy and kept warm as much as they were able, possibly wearing animal skins and woven clothes. Their animals may have even been within their homes also, for they would have been precious to the ancestors.

Sleepy Land

The land at this time withdraws its energy deep beneath the surface. All the trees and plants would have withdrawn their energy down into the soil and to the eye, everything would be bleak and sometimes lifeless.

We too should rest and recoup our energy as the frosts glitter over the land. We should all try and take a rest during this time, perhaps also reflecting on our lives, telling stories of our lessons learnt as each turn of the wheel brings us new knowledge and growth.


Holly is our evergreen tree, abundant with berries at this time to feed the birds. It is a tree of protection, of hope, of power and strength.

I also feel that the red berries of the Holly resembles the bloodline of our ancestors. A reminder of those who have gone before us in ancient times. The hardships that they endured through the winter months living at one with the land. If Holly is abundant with red berries before the winter sets in, then it is said to be a hard winter ahead of us.

As the light Returns

As the light returns, so does the energy deep within the land begin to stir and we notice a difference within ourselves……….

Shamanic Wheel of the Year Workshops

As I feel it is so important to follow the energy of the Wheel of the Year, I hold various workshops to share this beautiful map and a way of connecting to the balance of energy. This is so important to us as beings living in harmony with Mother Earth. I also offer bespoke teaching on The Shamanic Wheel of the Year to assist you on your journey through life.