My Extremely Happy Clients

Anita.  Dorset UK

I’ve been engaging with various aspects of Willow’s teachings and self discovery encouragement for the past 3 years but only recently had my first full healing experience. Workshops etc that I have engaged in are monthly Goddess sessions – into my 3rd year of this, spirit journaling workshop, Crones Corner evenings and the Crow Sisters year long journey.
Everything I have engaged with has been fantastic, well structured and inclusive. Willow encourages you to progress at your own speed but will also provide those gentle nudges to keep you focused on your personal growth and self discovery.
I have to also add that the recent healing I received not only came along at the perfect time due to Willows kindness at opening some extra healing time slots but was also such a fantastic experience, it couldn’t have been improved, I would go so far as to say it has been life changing and has dealt with a deep seated issue that I was unaware of beforehand but that made total sense.
I truly would not hesitate to recommend the services that Willow provides … you will find her professional, kind, welcoming understanding and totally trustworthy.

Charl and Sam Dorset Uk

Ceremony Charl and Sam

What can I even say about Willow and what she did for us! It was really important for us to mark our union in a special way that was authentic to us, as a church wedding was out of the question and just signing a paper was never going to be enough.

We had a couple of long thorough meetings with Willow, she took the time to get to know us and what was important to us and created a ceremony that was absolutely perfect, incorporating our children and the elements, and being that it was a bit ‘different’ to what our guests were used to it could have gone down one way or the other, but there wasn’t a single person who didn’t take the time to say what a beautiful ceremony it was and that it was ‘what it is really all about’. I am so truly grateful to Willow and hope anyone who feels a Handfasting is right for them has a ceremony as special as ours.

Charl xx


Georgie. Dorset UK

Hello Willow,

I like to say thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge on Protection with me. I’m so very grateful and had the best sleep last night complete uninterrupted first for a long time. Bless you I look forwards to learning more xx

My happy clients

sharing their testimonials


Your balanced energy and wellbeing is important to me. Contact me to see what process is best for you and to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Emily. Andover UK

I had a reading from you back in September. I just wanted to say thank you so much because your reading was so accurate and lots of good things have happened since! I’ve never had a reading so accurate and it was exactly what I needed to hear xx

Maria C. Italy

I have been having readings with Willow for quite few years now, she is an amazing accurate psychic, really good at getting at the heart of the matter. Her guidance and sensitivity have helped me through the years at difficult times and at cross roads or just for some gentle guidance on my life and my path.

I have recommended her gladly to few friends in need.

Fabiana Piantieri. Italy

Willow è una persona speciale!!!!!! La sua sensibilità le permette di vedere oltre!!!

Willow is a special person!!!!!! Her sensitivity allows her to see beyond!!!

Melissa. USA

I have had the blessing of Willow in my life for a few years now as a reader. I can say my life has been enriched for having met her. Thank you Willow for all you are and do for those lives you touch around the world.

Sophie G. Paris. France

Meeting Willow has transformed my life. I didn’t know anything about Shamanism before meeting Willow. A friend of mine thought this ancient practice would help me. She was right. Not only Willow rescued me from a very dark place the first time I met her (suffering from depression) but also, in my second session, I experienced a transcendental experience which revealed a part of me completely forgotten and brought answers to the blockages that I’ve had all my life.

Willow is kind, warm, welcoming and her healing energy has been highly beneficial to me.

E. Bath. UK

Shamanic Willow completely kicks arse!
I feel humbled, honoured and very lucky indeed to have received healing from her and studied with her.
I’ve just listened to the recording of the reading she did for me last week, my gosh my life is amazing!
Thank you gorgeous, beautiful lady for helping me wake up, for not judging any of the strange thoughts that ramble through my head and for being such an inspiring, nourishing and supportive hand to hold on my burgeoning path.
If you are reading this having come across Shamanic Willow for the first time, stay a while, don’t rush off.

Paula. Sussex. UK

Do you hear her calling to you?  Can you feel the pulling at your mind, body and spirit?

Would you like to become a more empowered and deeply connected version of yourself?

Does the idea of being shown how to do this under the guidance of a wise, nurturing and beautiful soul, whilst being supported, encouraged and gently embraced in the wings of your fellow fledgling sister appeal to you?

Then I cannot urge you enough to sign up to Shamanic Willow’s Morgen Le Fey course.  This has been a year long voyage of transformation, empowerment, deep connection and learning that has completely changed the person that I was (or didn’t know how to be!).

I cannot thank Willow enough for having the foresight to run this course and giving me the opportunity to unlock and release the person I was always supposed to be.  The added bonus being that I have met the most wonderful woman along the way, who I feel truly blessed and proud to call my sisters.  Once a Crow Sister, always a Crow Sister.


A.N. Dorset. UK

Morgen la Fey Healing. Wow just wow. Not really knowing much about Goddess work I felt that I needed something to pull me out of some emotional turmoil I was going through. Willow was great. She made me feel safe and before I knew it I was pouring out everything that I had been repressing for years and things that I had forgotten were surfacing. After releasing all my emotions I laid on Willows treatment couch (really comfy!) and I closed my eyes and just allowed the healing to commence. I felt myself finally relax and waves of tingles and energy swept through my skin and through my entire body, I could actually feel the negativity being released. Willow then made me up a special spray so I can use it around my aura whenever I feel I need some Divine assistance. Afterwards I went home and slept. I had the best whole nights sleep I have had in months and today I feel truly amazing. I feel free, happy and I feel as though I have my little fire back in my belly. Thank you Willow. The Morgen la Fey Healing was truly amazing and so empowering. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Willow x

Mary Egan. Southampton. UK

I can highly recommend Shamanic Healer, Willow from Bournemouth, I am recovering from secondary breast cancer, I saw her for treatment before my operation, and to the surprise of the medical staff nothing had spread and it was smaller than they thought. And I did not need as much surgery as first decided, I went once again to see this beautiful soul today, as I have been suffering great pain and malaise, once again I feel happier and more comfortable, I had the joy of attending a wild woman course with her brilliant teachings a few years back, and know she truly has healing powers, I am Eternally grateful for her gifts in this life and the rest, blessed be my friend xxxxx

Simona P. London. UK

I had the pleasure to participate in one of Willow’s workshops over a 3 months period.

The Munay-Ki Rites workshops. It was amazing and I received from Willow much support and guidance throughout.

She is a professional, passionate, ethical and powerful practitioner with many years of experience.

I have received many one to one healing sessions from Willow and they were very beneficial to me and I was able to explore my life patterns that were holding me back.

I also think that she is an amazing and accurate tarot reader and I ask her guidance every 3 months. Willow has given me so much spiritual support and although I am based in London, I am happy to travel to Bournemouth to receive her healing and guidance.


S.W-K. Dorset. UK

A lovely lady, that has helped me with numerous problems that I have had, and having.

Caroline B. London. UK.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to all the new possibilities in my life. I am amazed in rediscovering the parts of myself that were lost.
Thank you for reminding me to find the joy in all things.

Kay. Devon. UK.

Thank you so much Willow.

I’ve had 3 readings with Willow over the years & each one just gets more detailed & clearer. Twice now things have been said about my husband that I’ve so NO NEVER. Yep, he did exactly what Willow said. She is simply Amazing. We’ve moved to the S.W. & details none of us imagined became reality Willow had seen. We changed our way of thinking & the universe listened. The next day my husband got the permenant job Willow saw. Thank you seer. You certainly are a gifted one. Blessings

Katie Hobbs. Brisbane. Australia

Hi Willow,

Thank you so much for your reading, it was lovely to sit down with a cuppa and listen to your voice for an hour!

Your reading really resonated deeply with me and I have found it really helpful in clarifying some issues and questions I have had rolling around in my mind for quite some time! So I am looking forward to new beginnings and changes afoot.

With much love and gratitude,


S. Devon. UK

Thank you Willow for my reading. You must have a long distance window into my life you got it all spot on. At a time of confusion & uncertainty you shone a light on exactly the points I needed confirmed. You’ve gone into detail about a pathway out of darkness into the light on my life. I have a new sense of purpose. I would advise anyone to have a reading with Willow

Kelly. Dorset.UK

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I am feeling following our beautiful Sacred Scrying session. I feel as though my heart and soul have connected to my purpose and now anything seems possible. The session was such an uplifitng and reassuring experience and I feel like I can soar as high as an eagle. Thank you so much for being your beautiful self; as always I feel such a sense of coming home to my truth.
See you again soon. Much love, Kelly x

D.Y. Glastonbury. UK

The story of my experience with Morgen Sisters Crow Healing

As soon as I lay on Willows therapy couch my body felt really heavy – and my left shoulder ached as it had done for a few days I soon floated off to a blissfull place but could vaguely feel willow putting different things on my abdomen and spraying a mist that had a feint perfume – at one point I felt like I was flying and I saw lots of colours especially purples and blues. After the healing had finished Willow gave me a really meaningful insight into my work with music that has inspired me – she then explained which Morgen had come in for me – it was Tyronoe Bone Woman and her tree is Holly, she is also known as Holly Woman – I was given a mist to take home to spray into my aura night and morning (which by the way has no perfume although I smelt some)
I sprayed the mist and thought it wasn’t doing much – a few days later I started experiencing feelings of anger and bitterness about something that had happened to me 30 years ago triggered off by a trivial event and I knew I was overreacting !!! I was telling a friend about how I felt emotionally and forgot she was an essence therapist – she said you are showing classic symptoms of needing a Holly Remedy – anger, envy, blaming others – would you like me to make one up for you. After the call I realised that I was using the Tyronoe, Holly Woman aura spray which had obviously stirred up something that was coming up for healing !!!! and at the same time I realised my shoulder was not aching any more !! wow ! what a deep and healing experience this has (and still is being) for me – without me even speaking of this to Willow she was intuitively led to what I needed for my highest good. Willow thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Neil Brotherick. The Forest of Dean. Gloucestershire.

Hi Willow,

My name’s Neil. You did a shamanic reading for me at the Healing fair in Somerset last Saturday. (short brown/ going grey hair, black shirt with a wolf design and accompanied by a blond lady and you told me of my ‘bear’ and my ‘wolf’ among many other things).

I am just letting you know how blown away I was with your reading, everything you said regarding past and present was spot on and you even talked about things I’d planned and only told one person about ! You have given me a lot to think about.

Having just started my spiritual journey and having no idea where I was going. What you told me has helped me immensely, a lot of things now makes sense to me and I have a direction to move forward.

Thank you, you have truly started my spiritual journey.

I have had a few Tarot readings which I then thought were good, but you are in a different league all together and I certainly will keep in touch and look forward to future readings and guidance.
Kindest regards,

Neil Brotherick.

P.E. Dorset. UK

I have carried out a number of courses and workshops with Willow including
the Shamanic Practitioner training. Each day involved a deep connection
with the spiritual realms which Willow facilitated and held a sacred space.
Her knowledge is vast and she explains everything in a down to earth way
with lots of laughter and humour using many of her own personal experiences
to clarify understanding. The shamanic training is very comprehensive and
offers many subjects that others offer at advanced levels. I recommend all
her courses as she is a beautiful gifted talented woman who works from the
heart and place of truth.

Charlie. London.

Having taken a great interest in Shamanism and started to journey, I found Willow online as I was looking for some specific healing, namely a long lasting physical pain under the left shoulder which I strongly suspected was emotional in nature.
I made the easy journey from London to her place just outside Bournemouth and had an amazing two hour session. Willow’s energy, kindness and skill are incredible – from the moment she performed the healing work I felt a huge emotional lift . This has only improved with each passing day , I feel much calmer and am not getting silly surges of anger at petty things as I did before. Physically, the area is now feeling much better too .
What a great feeling of freedom and happiness to shift this thing after so long, I could not recommend Willow more highly and I myself am booked in for a follow up session to shift the next thing – and hopefully the last roadblock to total freedom :) Having tried so so many healing modalities over the years, there is no doubt in my mind that shamanic healing is on a different level in terms of power and effectiveness.
Charlie, London

Angie Gerrey. Dorset. UK

Willow, I would like to thank you so much for helping me find my true path. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever met and walking the Wheel of the Year with you in Wild Woman Within has opened my eyes and my heart to the most amazing journey xxx

Claire Pavely. Dorset. UK

I’m having a wonderful time discovering myself and what my journey is all about. Wild Woman Within is amazing, I love doing this with Willow. She is an astonishing and extremely talented, beautiful woman. Thank you xxx

Sandy Cristel. Dorset.UK

Amazing Shamanic Practitioner Training. I laughed, I cried, I let go and I grew… Best year of my life. Thank you Willow xxx

Raquel T. Eastbourne.UK

Willow is one of the most loving, kind, warm and inspirational women I have met in a long old time. In a time of ego and will, she only ever comes from the heart. Chatting to her is like talking to a long lost friend. Never judgemental, insightful and learned I just can’t say enough about this gifted woman who is so full of spirit. I can’t wait to take the next steps of my path with you x

Sue. UK

Thank you for the recording, which I can hear loud and clear. And thank you so much for the reading. You have a beautiful combination of warmth and ‘down to earthness’ about you, which makes it very easy to connect with you instantly. I appreciated the directness and positivity of the reading, and I can’t tell you how much it means to have some confirmation of the direction I’d like to head in but have been feeling, at the same time, so unsure about. I will definitely keep an eye on your website to see what workshops you have coming up.

Nicky Burress. Dorset

I have to say a massive thankyou to Willow for an amazing Goddess Whispers Reading….. I went with an open mind not knowing what to expect and was blown away, its so accurate!!!

Carol Thorneycroft. Dorset

I’d just like to say what a fabulous reading I had with Willows Goddess Whispers Reading…I love the design of these very powerful cards, the cards go very deep in their insight and knowledge of the person who is having the reading, my reading was very deep and connected me to the Goddess, I could feel her energy with the reading and was very accurate with what was going on with my life right now and to how I’m being guided in the future, all very exciting and will definitely be having another reading with those beautiful cards…I totally will definitely be having another reading with those beautiful cards…I totally recommend a reading with Willow …xxx

Annie Llewellyn-Hall. Italy.

Brilliant Crow Sisters Calling reading from Willow.

I was just amazed by mine. Willow told me things that she couldn’t have possibly known.

This isn’t an ordinary reading because I felt ’empowered’ by the Crows as Willow read.

Thank you xx

Lynne Berrystone. Dorset.

Thank you so much for a fantastic journey around the wheel of the year with Wild Woman Within and for introducing me to the Goddess within as well as without.

I have learnt so much about myself and have grown in this last 12 months.

With many blessings,

Love and light

Lynne xxx

Melissa. Arizona USA

I am very pleased to share that I have received readings from Willow several times and she has also performed a shamanic reading for me.  All readings were done professionally and very, very accurate.  I am looking forward to connecting with Willow in the future.  I recently had a reading and already so much that had been stated has come to pass right to the detail.  Willow is gifted and very professional.  Thank you Willow!

Emma. Bristol

Hi Willow,
It was lovely to meet you via Skype.  Thank you for an amazing experience with my shamanic reading.
I was very touched and I feel very uplifted.
Peace and Love,
Emma x

Colin Blann. Southampton

I found my shamanic reading with Willow exceptional. She had my character spot on, the information given throughout my reading was very accurate indeed. A truly blessed and gifted lady. Highly recommended. Colin Blann

Ann West. Southampton

I have just had a wonderful shamanic reading from Willow, she had me spot on and I feel excited and uplifted. A great reading and I would recommend having a reading with this lady. Ann West xx

Annette Blann. Southampton

I would like to say what A wonderful accurate and inspiring shamanic reading I had last week, it totally blew my socks off and I have and would recommend this lovely lady to anyone. Annette xx

Natalie, Budapest Hungary

I was absolutely amazed by my Shamanic reading, it was so spot on as to what I have been dealing with. It was almost as if Willow could see into my dreams. It gave me so much clarity, lots to think about and to work on and also a direction to head in. All this in such a lovely down to earth manner. I loved having the recording too so I can go back to it whenever I need.

I had my reading over Skype and I’m really grateful that we could connect in this way.

If you are contemplating it, please do it. It is money well spent and something you won’t regret.

Thank you Shamanic Willow, yours is a truly beautiful gift. Thank you for being brave enough to use it.

Jackie. Weymouth Dorset

Dear Willow
Just to say a massive thank you for yesterday’s healing. As I told you I suffer from both Crohn’s and Addison’s Disease and had been in considerable pain so much so that my partner had to drive me up to you. Your beautiful energy is evident the moment I met you and like a moth to a flame I was drawn into your beautiful light.
During the healing I drifted to many places not of this world but of a calm and healing place where I met souls full of love and light. When you gently brought me back I really didn’t want to leave that world I had gone to as it was a place I felt safe and at peace.
I slept most of the way home I was exhausted but once I went out onto the land and stood in my bare feet I felt pulses of gunk and negative energy discharge into Mother Earth. Again I slept but when I awoke the pain had gone and I felt amazing. I stayed up late and went to bed and for the first time in I can’t remember when I slept the entire night. This morning I am still pain free its almost like a miracle as I can’t explain it.

This I do know you have been given a gift that is so rare and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed. I met you for a reason and now I know why.
To you I send love, light and blessings my healer, my friend.
With much love

Jackie xxxxxxx

Andi Burnham. Buckinghamshire

Willow, your distance card reading was awesome and so accurate before you knew the details. Thank you.

Blessings to you and know that we will tell everyone we know about you and hope for more clients to come your way for all the readings and healings you offer x