The Journal Writers World with Willow

* Create Sacred Space

Create a corner of your room, a part of a table, a special tray to have on your lap or a bureau if you have room.

*Choose a Special Journal

This can be a fancy cover journal, a plain journal which you can tart up with artwork if you wish to. Choose from blank paper, lined paper or dotted paper..even coloured paper?


Have a special pen that you keep for Journaling…and ink..what colour ink? makes a difference.
Do a pen check in the back page of your journal.. does the ink shadow onto the next page?

*When to Journal

It’s a good idea when beginning to journal, to set a time each day. Some like to journal at the end of the day and give gratitude for the days happenings. Some prefer to journal first thing in the morning …yep!..set the alarm a half hour earlier when all the house is still sleeping!

*A Journal ‘Grab it and Go Bag’

Choose a ‘Journal Grab it and Go bag’…have a supply pens, pencil, marker pens in there, then all you need to do is to slip your current journal in there and off you go! Beautiful wooden journal cases are available, fabric journal carry bags and totes too…or that old handbag that you maybe haven’t used in a while, give it new purpose!!

*Journal Bliss Out and About.

Find a beautiful spot in nature, a coffee shop, even your car or on the bus to write. Never be embarrassed to get your journal out and start filling your pages. It is always lovely to see others sitting on the grass in the shade of a Tree or dangling toes into a flowing stream as they put pen to paper…and you just know the
‘Journal Writers Bliss they are in at the moment in time’


I hope this has inspired you to pick up your Journals and start writing! It truly is a fabulous journey!!

Join me for Journal Writing Workshops indoors, online and also out and about.