Imbolc Ceremony

Join with me to celebrate Imbolc. A time for awakening. Honouring the Goddess Bridie, the Maiden. We will have understanding of what this turn of the wheel represents. This is an online Ceremony. Please be prepared with the following Items: A small White candle in a holder A comfortable place to sit Notebook and [...]

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Cauldron of the Crone – Samhain Ceremony

Are you ready…are you really ready to stir the Cauldron of the Crone in ceremony?! Are you ready to step into the darkness with Keridwen and step out through the veils of transformation? Join me to celebrate Samhain the time in the Wheel of the Year where the veils between worlds are thin. Connect [...]

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Mabon – Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Come join with me to celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox in Ceremony. This a Ceremony where we will be honouring Mother Earth and her Second Harvest, marking the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. This is an online Ceremony. Please be prepared with the following Items: A small brown candle in a holder [...]

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Sacred Steps through the Goddess Labyrinth.

Walk deeper into the Heart of the Goddess, take your sacred steps through the Labyrinth to seek the secrets in the centre. A time for deep connection with yourself in the arms of the Goddess, let her lead you and guide you through the mysteries of the Labyrinth. Meet Goddess Domnu at this Summer [...]

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Reweave Your Wildwood Healing Journey

A Deep Healing Journey of Discovery Are you ready to embark on your Wildwood Healing Journey of Discovery? This is a deep Journey which will require commitment, stamina and facing your Shadows. Creating your magical pathways through the undergrowth beneath the trees. Shadows Shadows come in many forms, many depths. Without shadows we do [...]

The Munay – Ki Rites are given in three full day workshops:

The Foundation Rites The Lineage Rites The Rites of Times to Come The 9 Rites are gifted in ceremony over 3 workshops. Each workshop is one month apart and they must be received in turn. You will receive a Pi Stone and a Manual. If you complete all three workshops with myself you will [...]

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Hi, I have been consciously walking my Spiritual path since 1993 and am fully qualified in Spiritual Healing, a Master Shamanic Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, and other complementary therapies… read more 


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