Witch, Wisewoman and Pharmakeute

So, you have meandered through the weavings of my work and are visiting my Woven thread of the Witch. Hello to you, come and sit with me while I stir my cauldron and share with you some knowledge.

The Witch, Hedgewitch, Wisewoman, Pharmakeute:

The path of the Witch, Hedgewitch, Wisewoman and Pharmakeute is a sacred path of honouring the Gods and Goddesses. Working with the seasons and cycles of nature, the moon cycles and honouring the Wheel of the Year. A Witch also works with the Elements and the unseen forces, the nature spirits. Casting circles, pentagrams and pentacles. Creating magic with herbs, candles, cauldrons, mortar and pestle, sacred chants. Working in numerous magical ways and with many magical tools a Witch stirs the cauldron or Mortar and Pestle and the magic is done…obviously not as simple as that!

A Witch works deeply with the magic of the land, within a Coven or Solitary. Witches are often portrayed wearing the black cloak of invisibility, holding a Staff or Stang, adorned with feathers and skulls. With her animal familiar beside her or riding with her on her broomstick. The Witch summons the Spirits to create magic with them, during Ritual, connecting and creating spells.

Witches of Today:

Most Witches of today work with the Old Ways, they also wear jeans and tee-shirts, going about their daily lives. They are conscious of protecting Mother Earth, being eco-friendly conscious warriors. Also campaigning for animal rights. Also working to safeguard Mother Earth for the children’s futures and of those yet to come and many more amazing things. And then behind closed doors they wear their cloaks and hold Rituals and work with magic. Also they can be the healers of today, the seers and herbalists.

Saving a Witch from the Burning Times:

Some Witches of today take time to create rituals to save the souls of Sister and Brother Witches of the burning times, those who were the natural healers, seers, herbalists of the past, who lived and worked in unison with all the natural energies. By saving the Witches of the burning times, you end their pain and suffering, in return the old Witches may work with you. These present day Witches can be recognised by a tattoo of two mini broomsticks somewhere on their bodies.

When a Witch creates her magic, she is working with the energies of all those Witches in her sacred bloodline, the River of Blood that flows through her veins, generations of Witches, not always running through the family bloodline but also through the land.

As a Witch, a Hedgewitch, and Pharamakeute, I work with the magic of the Old World Witchcraft and the path of the Pharmakeute. These are the early Witches who worked with the magic of the sacred plants and trees, the Witches of Old who were the first Witches.

I offer Rituals for groups and for those wanting a 1:1 Ritual, working with the cycles of the Wheel and the Moon Cycles. Also offering bespoke Greenwood Magic workings information on request.


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