Shamanic Healing Online

Are you look for a Shamanic Healing online session, but you feel that you live too far away? Learn more about my shamanic healing online sessions.

Distance is no problem!

Shamanic Energy

Shamanic Energy is very powerful, it can travel to where ever you wish it to go.

So wherever you are, it will reach you, as strongly as if you were with me in person.

Shamanic Healing Session

Your Shamanic Healing online session begins with a consultation.

This is when the Shamanic Healing Process you require is decided. To do this I use a form of Shamanic Tracking.

Distant Shamanic Healing Online

Connect via a video link, which is set up before, The Distant Healing online begins.

Rattles, Drums and Sacred Smoke

Rattles, Drums and Sacred Smoke are still used, even though you may be miles away. Energy has no boundaries, it flows where the intention is set.

You relax in your home, while still visible to me on the screen of my laptop.

You may actually feel me working on your energy.

Also, you may sense the sacred smoke of various herbs surrounding you, bringing sacred healing and scent to your room.

Working With The Shamanic Healing Energy

As I am working with the Shamanic Healing Energy, I work with as much intention and magic as I do as if you were in my Healing Room with me.

Deeper Shamanic Healing Processes

Deeper Shamanic Healing Processes, when needed are very interactive between Myself, the Shamanic Practitioner and You, the Client.

Not a problem, deeper Shamanic Processes are adapted to be done distantly.  They are done with the same amount of energy, effort and result.

This is the beauty of the Shamanic Healing.

Blissed Out and Energised

How will you feel? As if you had been receiving your healing in my Healing Room in person.

Blissed out, energised, re-balanced and all the other fabulous energy that this powerful energy brings.

Booking a Shamanic Healing Online

Based in Bournemouth Dorset, in the South of England, but you may live anywhere on Mother Earth.

Contact me for Booking a Shamanic Healing Online and let me weave the Shamanic Magic for you.

Greenwood Blessings

Greenwood Blessings