My soul drank in the beauty of the Autumn turning to Winter. How the seasons change so quickly when you are connected deeply with the Wheel of the Year. As today, late afternoon, we ambled out before the light dropped and the sun set, walking the dogs.

I have had a couple of days where I have been unable to get out on the land. Usually by day two of not walking connected with Mother Earth, I’m feeling like a caged tiger ! I am sure most of you know that feeling. So it was wonderful to, be out in the greenwood, also on the land between the gorse and heather. My eyes feasted on what I had been missing.

The Crows sat in the tops of the trees, and once again, there was a Morgen Tyronoe making her presence known and remaining close. Morgens are shapeshifting women who are half crow, half women, who are elemental and deeply set in and of the land, you can learn about these in my Morgen La Fey Crows Sisters Course.

Feeling the night drawing in was silent, cool, quiet. Just like Mother Earth is feeling at this time of the year, when She withdraws Her energy deep into Her belly.

Walking through the well worn trackways, I stopped to admire some old thick rose thorns. Walking the Path of the Thorn-Blooded Witch, I connect always with Rose and Thorns. As I was standing connecting with Her, she jabbed me and caused me to bleed. It was like a reminder, that she is always there, like an ancient Crone. Ready to scold if need be, ready to claim my offerings to her.

We use thorns and other herbs to cast a circle, providing protection a we step into the depths of ritual. She teaches me that Her power of the magic is always there.

Blessed Be.

Willow xx