Crones Corner

Wandering into Crone’s Corner

I Thank you for wandering into Crones Corner. Here we regularly meet up with our Old Crones. The ancient ancestor Crone who waits for us deep in the woods. She shares with us ancient knowledge, takes us on journeys of teachings of the wild world. She shows us the magical elements of her world and brings it into ours for us to experience the magic of her ways.

Follow the Ancient trackways

Of course, Old Crone teaches us about walking gently on the land, how to follow the ancient trackways. To see the world through her eyes she has such wisdom, she is feisty, powerful, gentle and kind. She is the Old Wisewoman, who works her magic with herbs as she is mystical and magical. She lives in the Wildwoods in the dimensions between time.

You will meet your Old Crone at Crone’s Corner, you will meet her deep in the woods. We will work with her teachings. Meet her in the Wildwood clearing under the moon, where she will meet us with Staff adorned with black crow feathers and hag stones.

Let us listen to her ancient stories as she weaves them into our todays. The magic that she shares with us we can use, the herbs, the candles, the magic, the plants. She will introduce to her world and the lessons that we need to learn. She may manifest though the veils of time to meet us. As we walk the land to connect with her too, she will walk with us, feel her presence, feel her guiding you along your trackways.

Crones Corner Groups

If you are looking for a regular group to be part of, a group with a difference, earthy and wise, then you will enjoy Crone’s corner where your own Old Crone will be waiting to meet you with her magical essence.


Crones Corner

Wise Womans Crones Corner

April 15 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Crones Corner Visit Crones Corner, this is a sacred place that holds magic, wisdom, Wise Woman knowledge of herbs, plants and trees, candles and all things magical! Crones Corner Workshops are a series of [...]