Capture the Greenwood Magic in a bottle and let the magic begin.

Have you ever wished that you could escape to the Greenwood and embrace the magic? When time is short or you cannot to connect with the spirit of your favourite place?

The Magic of the Greenwood

The magic of the greenwood is so special. Such beautiful beings reside in the space that you visit to walk. When you to enter to meditate, to receive guidance and to heal.

Mystery and Magic

Mystery and magic happens when we step into that space in nature, we feel as if we are in a different place completely once we stop and connect to the wonder of nature’s embrace.

Tree Magic

Those sentient beings, the Trees, they hold us in their energy. They ground us and also help us to expand our visions. Also known as the Standing People, those who shape shift in the Black Moon times and the Full Moon magic. Wisdom is shared and vibrant energy fills our roots.

Wild Flower Magic

Fabulous lessons are learnt from the Wild Flowers, the nature spirits who walk with us as we float across the meadows in our dreams. Memories of childhood, Grandmothers, Elders, Tribes that lived on the land awaken when we open our energy to their teachings.

Animal Magic

Also the magic of those footprints that are left in the track ways on the land from the furred ones. The feathers of the winged ones. Scales of the reptiles and those of the fish that live in the streams that weave through the trees. The insects like the dragonflies that hover over the water plants.

The Woodland Fae

Oh and the Woodland Fae! The silent ones who follow your footsteps or walk beside you. Who appear and disappear at the blink of an eye. Who tease or guide you. Sometimes even grumpy gnomes, when they didn’t want to be disturbed.

The Energies Brought into the Cauldron

All of these energies combine together, along with the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Mother Earth beneath our feet, enriching our journey.

Spell Working

Stepping out into the shadows, casting spells by moon light. Making magic happen. Weaving the words of a Witch.

A Greenwood Healing

A Greenwood Bottle of Magic is a Magical Essence. A Healing Essence. A Meditation Essence. A Spell Essence. But will it even leave the bottle to work its magic?

Greenwood Magic in a Bottle

This is your own greenwood magic in a bottle, created just for you. Your own Greenwood Clan in a bottle for you. With a little bit of cauldron magic I use to create your own blend.

Your Magic

Let your Greenwood Magic in a Bottle work with you and for you. For your Healing and for your connnection to the Spirit of the Greenwood.

Full Instructions

These will be given as to how to work with your Greenwood Bottle of Magic when I create it for you.

Let The Magic Begin

The Magic will awaken when you receive your own Greenwood Magical Bottle and follow the instructions.

Greenwood Blessings

Greenwood Blessings