Hello Everyone!

Well… here it is…. the launch of my new website…Yay!

What a journey it has been. A huge learning curve for me with all the techi stuff, defintely out of my comfort zone (grin!) and there are still things that need tweaking. Also a huge thanks simply has to go to a very, very patient website creator who did most of it…huge thanks and praise where praise is due!

It has been an interesting time, de-cluttering certain things from what I usually to offer to you. They are still available if you are drawn to them.¬† Then on the other hand, creating what I wish to bring forward, exciting ideas that have been simmering in the cauldron over the creative fire. Not all has been revealed yet….just a few on here for now, I wonder if you find them (grin!)…so keep popping back onto my site to see the new offerings coming in the future.

I hope you love the new look as much as I do…exciting times ahead… the cauldron is still simmering …this is just the beginning!!


Willow xx