Journal Journey

Journal Journey

Come and sit a while, beneath this tree with a babbling brook close by, the cover of the journal is opened, a blank page invites the connection between nature and pen. The ink flows as words appear from deep within the inner sanctum of shared energy and time, an inner world, unknown to others.

Years pass…..relaxing in a rocking chair beside a fire, with flames dancing, the Old Crone reaches for her pile of journals. She opens a page and relives each word carefully written, as she reads, laughs and cries at such sweet words written by her own hand many moons ago.

There are many of Journals for many words. From a Memory Journal, Healing Journal, Magical Journal, a Book of Shadows, to a Planning Journal to name just a few! Time spent journaling unfolds stories, wisdom and memories, captured for eons of time, to be held in the magical space of your journal.

I am passionate about Journal Writing and my ever-growing shelves of written journals. They hold my journey within each one like stepping stones carefully walked.

Never be without a journal, to capture special moments and words of wisdom whispered from the Ancient Ancestors. I invite you to join me along the Journal Journey, to awake and connect your own inner sanctum.