Hello New Friends and New Followers

Recently I have been asked by new clients “How long have you been doing this for?” and they are quite surprised by my answer!
So I thought I would introduce myself to my new friends and new followers and those who maybe skip past my ‘About Me Page’ (grin!)

Walking my Pagan Path

I have been walking my Pagan Path consciously for 35 years now.
My journey began with Spiritual Healing, way back then, which was a long 2 year course with loads of fabulous Spiritual Development, alongside Tarot Training and Crystals.
I was then Spirit led towards Chinese, Native American, South American and Celtic Spirituality. I also began my interest and working with Witchcraft at this time.

Exploring Shamanism

Then I began exploring Shamanism about 25 years ago and completed and qualified as professional Shamanic Practitioner 20 years ago and I began teaching Shamanism to fabulous students about 15 years ago and continue to do so.


I was invited and Initiated into Witchcraft as a Hedgewitch on 10.10.10 after working intensely with an amazing Hedgewitch and the Natural Magic and continue to do so and yes that was pretty mind blowing and very special!

Flower and Vibrational Essences and more…

My learning journey continued on since then with fabulous trusted teachers, including qualifying as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner and then years later dedicating as a Priestess of Avalon after 3 years of training.

Spirit Connections and Cerridwen

Spirit have been massive teachers too all the way along my Path….with Cerridwen telling me this year, that I had earnt the right to call myself a Shaman….and that’s another story!

The Green Kingdom

My connection with the Green Kingdom along with each strand of my pathway, weaves into my journey, holding fast like Ivy and becomes rooted like the Trees and still my own journey continues onwards….

What I Gift to You

My personal passion for my path is gifted through my Teachings, Healings and Readings, Photos, Vlogs and Writings for all who are interested.

Happiness and Shamanic Boots!

I am happiest wearing my Shamanic Boots, walking in fabulous Greenwoods, Wildwoods and Forests, with my Staff in hand and my Journal tucked under my arm, ready to connect fully with the Ancient Ones and all Nature Spirits. Also with Hubby and our 2 furry four leggeds joining me for Healing Nature Walks, along with our grown up Kids and Grandchildren too, all sitting around an evening camp fire under the starry night sky with hooting owls……!!

“Hello….this is Me!”

And so “Hello….this is Me…Willow… welcome to my world….and as my Hubby calls it..Willow’s World!!”
Thank YOU for being part of my world….I feel very blessed and I honour our friendship.
Solstice Blessings
Willow xx /I\ 🌿🌳🌳🌳🌿