Goddess Workshops and Courses

Goddess Workshops and Courses Goddess Teachings

Welcome to my Goddess Workshops and Courses Goddess Teachings. Here we will explore the ancient honouring of Goddesses that have been worshipped for 30,000 years. Many cultures across the world have worshipped Goddess in many ways and today we still walk the spiritual path of the Goddess and always will.

When we are called by Goddess to walk with her along Her path, we are sometimes unsure of how to go about this, so we begin to read Goddess books, and look for Goddess Workshops and Courses training.

We will be exploring and working with 9 British Goddesses: Lady of Avalon, Goddess Keridwen, Goddess Danu, Goddess Bridie, Goddess Artha, Goddess Rhiannon, Goddess Domnu, Goddess Ker, Goddess Banba.

Goddess Workshops and Training

Firstly, In my workshops and training we will be exploring each Goddess around the Wheel of the Year, what energy She brings with Her, the Teachings of many Goddesses. We will unveil the mystery that sometimes surrounds Her, to open the doorway for you to explore the Divine Feminine energy that She is. I will introduce you to Her attributes so that you may empower yourself with many blessings.

Secondly, You will become more aware of the seasons and your own cycles, the different ages that they represent. You will learn about the cycles of Mother Earth and the Elements in Nature through Goddess teachings and the sacred path that you will be walking will bring you closer to yourself too. Firstly You will be creating Goddess Altars and creating Sacred Shrines to honour Goddess. We will also be working with the magic and mysteries of Goddess. Thirdly we will be exploring your spiritual connections within your own inner Goddess Temple.

Thirdly, we work in my sacred space also out on the land, sometimes visiting sacred sites during the workshops and courses and you will gain a deep understanding of all energies of these 9 Goddesses.

Fourthly, we will also be working with the Morgens, the Shapeshifting Crow Sisters who stand alongside each Goddess, they are the magical elemental energy of Nature and all the wild forces that are of the land. Working with the Morgens we are working with their magic.

The Morgens are the herbalists, the seers, the healers, the witches, sorceresses, deeply magical.

They are: Morgen la Fey, also known as Morgana or Morgaine. Morgen Mazoe, Morgen Tryonoe, Morgen Thetis, Morgen Cliton, Morgen Thitis, Morgen Gliten, Morgen Glitonea and Morgen Moronoe. These beautiful Morgens shapeshift between Woman and Crow. Of course, very powerful indeed.