How fabulous it is to walk in nature and to tread gently on Mother Earth’s soft belly. It’s so very important to kick off our shoes and walk bare foot, on the grass, on the soft earth, in streams, paddle in rivers and the oceans, for this helps us to truly connect with the Elements of Earth and Water. To feel the air dancing over our skin and blowing our hair about, to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces connects us with the Elements of Air and Fire.

So often in our day to day lives we are rushing to the shops, to take the kiddies to school, running errands, that we are not aware for the Elements that connect with us minute by minute….the essential Elements to our actual lives and well being.

Take a moment, or more, as often as you can, just to stop, sit, listen, connect and just be… feel the Fire, Water, Earth and Air and let them feed and nourish your Spirit. Leave an offering on the land, birdseed, flower petals, one hair from our head in gratitude, for without these fabulous Elements we would not exist.

An Elemental Gratitude Prayer:

“I give gratitude to the Elements that embrace me, the Elements within me and the Elements that connect each and everyone of us together in the dance of life. Blessed Be”


Willow xx