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I am a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner, Priestess of Avalon and Wisewoman, Witch and Pharmakeute …

Shamanic Healing

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Come and sit with me by the sacred fire as you journey with my weavings of my work. I work deeply with Shamanism offering Shamanic Healing, Trainings and Workshops, and Initiations.

Weavings of Priestess work of Ceremonies, Shamanic healing, Trainings and Workshops.

Woven threads of Wisewoman, Hedgewitch, and Pharmakeute. Workings of Wildwood and Greenwood Magic. Healings, Rituals, and Workshops too.

As I work with all natural energies, let us pick up our staffs and drums and tread together gently on Mother Earth and see where our journey together leads us….

Shamanic healing is nature based healing

Shamanic healing is nature based healing. Working with many Shamanic Healing Processes for a variety of emotions, situations and problems that may crop up in your life. A consultation is held at the beginning of your process to determine which healing process is going to be best for you at that time. The aim is to bring your energy back into balance. Natural elements and shamanic energy is called upon as you are held in the sacred space.

Shamanic Healing Techniques

I love all forms of healing energy and am also trained in various ‘earthy’ healing techniques. Learn about the processes which you will find on my website. I believe that if you really resonate with energy healing you can do so much good. We should all aim to walk in peace and beauty in a balanced way.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of life where we show absolute respect for everyone and everything around us. We connect with all the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, respecting Mother Earth and living and breathing with her. People who follow a Shamanic path do everything they can to ensure that there is a world for our all the future Children. Harmony and Balance is important.

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a Healer, Councillor and a Guide for the Tribe. A Shaman would spend his time walking with one foot in this world and one foot in the Spirit World. He believes that everything has a Spirit and that all energy is connected. He would walk between the two worlds to seek help and knowledge from the Spirits, Power Animals, the Elements and Natural Earth Energies and use Shamanic Journeys to seek guidance. Shamans call upon the energies of Nature energies and Spirit to help to give Shamanic Healing to the people and land. He would use drums, rattles, feathers and natural objects to do this work, treating everything with respect.

How to be a Shaman:

For example a Tribal Shaman would be chosen by the people of the tribe. Additionally they would be honoured and looked after by people. Here in the UK, we can learn to walk with honour on Mother earth. We can train to become a Shaman during intense training. This will enable us to use Shamanic Healing and become Shamanic Healers and Shamanic Practitioners.

Shamanic Practitioner Shamanic Willow

I have been consciously walking my Spiritual path since 1993 beginning with Crystals and Tarot and Spiritual Healing. I qualified as a Full Healer Member with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (MNFSH) in 1995.

Master Shamanic Practitioner Qualification

1997 Was my Spiritual path led me to follow and study Shamanism and since then I have been walking my Shamanic Path. Firstly, I trained for one year with Alan Tickhill, The Raven Lodge. I also trained for 2 years with Eliana Harvey at Shamanka, gaining my Master Practitioner Qualification, and also with Louise van de Berk from Holland and other Shamanic teachers, always gaining more knowledge.

Secondly, I am also a Shamanic Practitioner. I strongly resonate and work with our own traditions of Celtic Shamanism and the energy of our Lands. I am a Mesa Carrier and work with ancient Shamanic Healing processes handed down by the Q’ero Shamans from Peru. Additionally, I work with Shamanic practices from North and South America.

Thirdly, I also facilitate Shamanic Training, workshops and groups, Ceremonies and Rituals.

Fourthly, I Work in a Shamanic way, I call upon all the natural energies from the surrounding areas, Tree Energy, Earth Energy, Animal Energy in the form of Power Animals. However, everything is natural and as we are all connected so we can source and use all the healing energy available to us.

Shamanic Healing Dorset

I am based in Bournemouth Dorset. I practice in surrounding areas of Dorset, of course, I do practice in areas further afield.

Blessings Willow