I have a New Offering For You

I am very happy to be telling you of this new offering for you…Remote Shamanic Wild Plant Spirit Healing

What is it all about?

I work remotely with your energy with various Shamanic techniques including various Wild Plant Consciousness Processes and Nature Consciousness Processes, your energy may reveal to me the need for Healing for….

  • Soul Wounding
  • Family Trauma
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Removal of Multi Layered Negative Beliefs
  • Curse and Hex Removals
  • Removal of Negative Traits
  • Removal of Attachments and Entities.
  • Ancestral Reconnections
  • Reweaving of Your Energy Patterns
  • Positivity, Balance and Creativity
  • And many more

I will then work intensely, with your energy remotely to remove and correct whatever shows in your energy field and then to enhance your positivity and empowerment.

As this healing is Remote, you will not be present for it as I will working with your energy in a different dimension. But there will be contact afterwards.

Read all about it…

Visit my Healing page for full details https://shamanicwillow.co.uk/shamanic-healing-therapies-by-shamanic-willow/

Comments from very happy Clients

I will be forever grateful to you for my healings.

I totally understand why I had to have the first healing to prepare me for the second healing which was really quite incredible.

Regarding all of the plant consciousness that stepped into action within my healing. The plants had such a profound effect on me and the fact that those very plants had mysteriously appeared in my garden just a short while before we had even booked up my healing, I am really astounded.

I am amazed with all the information about my healing that you shared with me afterwards, from childhood to now and I am so pleased that you removed that curse!!

Then, as the healing continues for the following month, each day I am finding that all the other various deep aspects of the healing are unfolding and are becoming so clear and this is giving me such strength. Amongst all the positive deep effects that are unfolding, I am sleeping better and deeper and my creativity is flowing again when I thought it never would.

Willow, this healing is like no other healing I have had with you before, it is mind blowing and I will definitely be booking up for more of these sessions.

I cannot thank you enough.

Tess Webb France


Unbelievable !!! It’s all so amazing !!! I have had a wonderful time since my healing, my pains have reduced dramatically, so much so that I have been sleeping properly for the first time in years. I am feeling more like me again. So far this is fantastic. I have got back to doing my meditation and my automatic writing is flowing. I am still feeling the plants and the other energies working with me which I wasn’t sure that I would. I am loving this healing so much and I am still following your instructions. Thank you.

Jacqueline Dorset