Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I chattered away on here…but here I am again!

Well, I have some exciting news. I have launched a new page on my website, it is called Journal Journey, you may well have visited this page already, but if you haven’t take a peep.

Journal Writing Journey.

I am so passionate about journal writing, I have been writing in my journals for absolutely years. I am never without a journal, as many will tell you!

I sit out in nature capturing the words that whisper on the wind, that come from the Ancestors deep in the land. I even pen in my journals in coffee shops waiting for friends to join me.

Let’s Journal Journey Together

So, I thought it would be a fab idea to create ‘Journal Journey‘ to share with you steps to take to actually begin your own journal.

That first page!

That first page, oh, we have all been there! When we open that new journal, look at that first blank page…panic and close it again never writing one word…yes, I too have done that!

But once you get your pen flowing across that first page…you never look back!

Beginners and Regular Journal Writers

Beginners and Regular Journal Writers are welcome..every word is unique to you, each page is special, each journal is yours and yours alone. It makes no difference how many journals you have stashed away, filled or empty, though if they are empty you may soon fill them up!

With a difference

With Journal Journey I have a plan to bring you exciting aspects of journal writing to you. We will be covering different subjects, all will be revealed as we journey together.

We can work only online or also out and about in Nature and other lush places too.

I hope you become as inspired as I am, when I reach for my pen and journal to drift to a different world that is held within those perfect pages.


Willow x