Hello Everyone

Well, it goes without saying….what weird times we are in right now, with the ‘silent unseen beast’ creeping around. We have been plunged into topsy turvy times that’s for sure! For now these changes within our daily lives have altered our ways of living and working, but this is just for now.

Working on-line

During this present time, due to the rules and regs of the lock down that we are in, I am sadly unable to see clients face to face in my Healing Room. I know I am really missing seeing my new and regular clients in person and vice versa.

However, this has not brought my working to a halt! I am able to connect with you on-line for Teachings, Courses, Healings and Readings. Yay!! This means we can still connect and work together from behind our screens…how cool is that!! I have always offered this as an option but some of you might not be aware that I do often work in this way.

Readings on-Line

Readings are just as good, no different if done on-line except that I shuffle the cards for you, as your surrogate, with the intention that the cards drawn are for you. I have many on-line happy clients across the globe who have their readings like this, it works a treat.

Shamanic Healings On-Line

Shamanic Healings are able to be done distantly too. We connect on-line for the whole process, so you are still very much part of your Healing Process and totally supported by me. You will still experience the energy changes as if you were here is my healing Room….perfect!!

Walking the Land

The only difficultly being, is that we can’t walk the land together and connect with the Trees and Nature Spirits….I’ve yet to wave a magic wand for that to happen !! But I can help you and suggest with teachings how you can deepen your connection whist walking daily for your exercise. I can also teach you how to do a Middle World Journey. This is a Shamanic Journey to the ‘here and now’ to those special places that mean a lot to you. The Stone Circles, the Greenwood, the Sacred Wells and Springs, even the beaches that you are possibly restricted from visiting at this time. By Middle World Journeying you can actually visit them with your energy body and experience the beautiful energies to feed your soul.

Energy is Real

What we must remember is that Energy is Real. It can travel across the world, it has no boundaries. It does not make a difference where you are, when we connect together, the energy works perfectly with us and our intentions.

Courses, Lessons, Groups and Teachings On-Line

No need to halt your courses, lessons or teachings or groups. Yep….you have guessed it, we can do those on-line too….Hoorah for technology ( even if it does cause me a headache sometimes ha ha)

From the comfort of your home to mine, we can connect and I can teach you a whole feast of things to help your Shamanic and Spirit growth.

So for Now….

For now, this is how I will be working. As I have done for those who live too far away to visit and will continue to do so as before. But also for those who live around the corner, across the road, in the next town…we can and will be able to continue working together from behind the screen…yippee!!

As Soon As Possible.

As soon as we are back to the ‘new normal’, in person, face to face, visits will be more than welcome, my door will be open for you to be able to soak in the healing energies of my Healing Room.

On-Line appointments will still always be available.

Be Like Tree.

So for now, keep firmly Grounded like my Roots. Be Strong like my Trunk. Reach up with your Branches planning and growing. Shake your Leaves in the breeze, waving to your neighbours. And gift all our Key Workers with the Blossoms and Fruits of your good wishes and support.

Greenwood Blessings.

Many Greenwood Blessings to you all, Keep Safe and see you soon.

Willow xx