What a fabulous morning I had this morning. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! I took time out to spend time with some of my magical herbs. I had been busy using them and they needed a sort out, a lot of the jars needed topping up. I had a fabulous time, it is never just a case of filling up the jars.

Connecting with the Plant Spirits

Each Herb is a Plant Spirit. Each Herb has a texture, some are the roots, some are the flowers, some the leaves. Each has a unique aroma, earthy, floral, minty. With each jar that I opened I chatted to the Plant Spirit, thanking them for being there for me when I create bespoke herbal pouches for my clients. Each herb brings with it it’s own unique story, where it lived, what its strengths and attributes are and how it wishes to work with me.

Witch, Wisewoman, Pharmakeute, Hedgewitch, Crone

I believe every Plant Spirit works at different levels with the Witch, Wisewoman, Pharmakeute and Hedgewitch, depending on how they personally connect and work with the Plant Kingdom. If they respect and honour the Plant Kingdom then the Plant Spirits will reveal more of their nature.

Spirit of Dandelion

Let us look at one Spirit Plant, Spirit of Dandelion. I love this Herb.

Dandelion Flowers

These are the first food for the bees, their bright yellow flowers radiate like the sun. For us, the flowers bring confidence, they help us to stand up be noticed, to radiate confidence when it is needed and to gain self worth, to believe in ourselves….empowerment!

Dandelion Clocks

The seed heads, that as children, we would blow the seeds to send our wishes on the wind of our breath. We can still do that, but also the Dandelion Clocks, can open our third eye to the vast universes yet to be explored, to open our visioning, there are no boundaries. If you really look at a Dandelion Clock, they are a mini universe their own right.

Dandelion Roots

How we need the deep strong roots when we need grounding and connecting to Mother Earth. Gardeners try and uproot Dandelions, the Dandelions put up a good fight! The roots can be used to create herbal coffee and also have amazing healing properties.

Dandelion Leaves

The Dandelion Leaves can be made into a Dandelion Tea or popped into salads.

How Spirit of Dandelion connects with Me with a deeper level of understanding

The Roots hold the Grandmother Crone energy, rich in wisdom, ancient and gnarled.

The leaves are the Mother energy, supported by the Grandmother, but also there for the children, but also supporting both Child and Ancient Crone.

The flowers hold the Lover energy, the flirt, the confident one, the empowered one, finding their sacred self.

And the Clocks are the children, the innocence, the unspoilt dreams and beliefs, the gentle dreamy energy, the begin again energy.

Back to my Jars of Magical Herbs

And so you can see, how time consuming it was this morning…it would have been so rude not to have said hello to each and every one, they are zingy and happy, not just dried herbs in a jar ready to be popped into a magical herbal pouch, they are little spirit beings, just like we are. Beautiful energy combined, we are all related.

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Blessed be

Willow xx