Tarot Readings On-Line

Tarot Readings on-line are fabulous if we don’t live in the same area or on other sides of the globe!

Also they are sometimes needed in this ever moving forwards technical world and lockdowns.

So I thought I would take this time to just explain on how Readings On-Line work.


You may want some guidance for your life path.

You may want a Reading on-line for some clarity.

Can’t come to my Healing Room? …no problem!

Booking Up

After booking up your reading, I spend time setting up a video link invite for your booked time. Also an appointment time is made for your Reading by phone if that is your preference.

Time differences are taken into account on timing if you are in a different country and not in the UK time zone.

Setting Up

Setting up my healing room and creating sacred space, is done as if you are visiting in person.

So I set up my table and Tarot or Shamanic Cards or Ogham Staves.

I gather together my recorder for recording your reading.

But I also have my trusted laptop so that we may see each other as if sitting other sides of the reading table…what would we do without the technical side of things?!

Reading Session

The Reading Session begins. I don’t ask you questions, I ask you to focus inwardly on the reasons of your Reading.

The Magic of Your Reading

The magicĀ  happens as I shuffle the cards for you as you are focusing.

I am guided by Spirit when to stop shuffling the cards for you. I then begin laying the Cards or Ogham Staves for your reading.

Then we are in the energy of the magic of your reading….and the wisdom and guidance begins.

Your Recording

Your Recording is sent to your email address after your Reading, for you to listen to again and again.

Distance is not a problem

Distance is not a problem when you book for a Reading On-Line. You can live next door or anywhere on Mother Earth.

Greenwood Blessings

Greenwood Blessings