Prayers To Our Lord and Lady, Goddess, Great Spirit

I call The Lord and Lady, Goddess and Great Spirit to embrace us with your powerful energy. I call to you for protection.

I hold vigil to say prayers twice a day, for all the Key Workers involved in helping us all in these desperate times of the Covid 19 Coronavirus.

They work tirelessly, putting their lives at risk for us all. Every family is affected in some way.

We are not exempt.

My Son is a Refridgeration Engineer…soon to be working on the Morgues and Undertakers fridges..sadly a fact of the virus.

His wife is an Intensive Care Nurse working Front Line in the Intensive Care Unit, expecting the tsunami of cases to surge in numbers.

They have 3 young children, 3 of my grandchildren. I pray that they are all kept safe and protected.

Prayers for those in Isolation

I have Mum who is almost 91 in isolation in her home alone, unable to visit her and give her a hug. We have to keep our ‘wise elders’ safe in the hope that they escape the trauma.

My Husband is in isolation for 3 months due to medication that he is on that has stripped his immune system…he cannot have a visit from the ‘silent beast’.

I pray for my daughter and her husband and young family, my other 3 grandchildren. My eldest grandson who is in the Army who has dedicated his life to protect us all. I ask  that they may be kept safe.

Prayers for my Sister, living in the South of France, who knows when travel will allow her to visit us again. Keep safe Sis.

For my Step Son, also my Step Daughter and her family. I pray that you too are kept free from troubles and kept safe.

For our extended family and family friends, may we all gather again.

I ask in my prayers that my friends and my clients that they are kept safe.

Prayers of peace for the ease of roller coaster of emotions that we are all suffering from.

My prayers go out for all those who have suffered, are suffering. For the families who cannot be together at this time, for those who are scared, lonely and who are trying to get through day by day.

I also pray for the ignorant people who are still dicing with death, mixing and mingling and taking no notice of rules set out to help us. I pray that they do not spread the ‘silent beast’ and that they come to their senses.

It is Ok to Not be Ok

Allow yourself to cry, scream, shout. roar with rage. It is ok to smile and laugh when you can. You can be sad when you feel your old normality is slipping away.

It is Ok not to be Ok, to reach out as we ride this wild silent beast of destruction.

Our Tomorrows.

Plan for your new future, to dream of your new tomorrows. I know we as a family are planning the biggest role of garden get togethers, the merriment, the fun. We may have to wait a while …but we need to look forwards, we need to dream and focus.

It is ok to plan your new work schedules, to make changes of how you want your life to be in the future. Feel empowered as you take control in these uncertain times. Be strong.

It is Ok

It is ok to be You, however you are feeling, to be living in each day, however you want that day to be. It is ok to make amends, to build bridges, to drop the grudges, to treat people differently. Maybe you are seeing others with your new eyes, seeing fleeting visions of who they are deep down. Connect with your feelings and the feelings of your loved ones. Hold, support and love each other.

Question Beliefs

Question everything, ride the wave of belief and disbelief. Deepen your knowledge. Understand the tracking of your thoughts as they weave and dive in these weird times, with information that we have never seen before.

Prayers for Mother Earth

Mother Earth, may you be healed as we heal our minds, bodies and spirits to begin again. We honour your renewal times.

Medicine Blanket

I wrap each and everyone of you beautiful souls in a Medicine Blanket of love as we  sit around the scared fire of our Ancestors.  Yes, you too, who are reading this right now, may you feel the love and prayers I gift to you.

So Mote It Be.

Willow xx