Well, the cold snap brought with it a couple of dry sunny days. So we nipped out to a local forest for a walk with the dogs.

It was fabulous, the ditches were filled with loads of rain water, clear and forest filtered..until the dogs raced through them having fun, stirring up the mud beneath!!

The sunshine was bright against all the greenery, highlighting all the moss and different leaves, it was absolutely fabulous for taking photos.

We had the sunshine, the puddles, the earth and the breeze, all of the elements surrounded us.

As we walked along the path, there were so many stones and flints and also some mica stones glinting in the sunshine. Everything was alive, it was radiant. The forest was humming a vibration just audible to those who could hear. The energy of the woods was electric. You could begin to feel the awakening of life that had, over the winter, laid resting beneath the soil deep in Mother Earth,

Different pathways joined the main path  and reminded me of choices that we make in life. Some pathways were narrow, some shaded. Others were wide and open. Each pathway giving a different experience, a different view. Memories came to mind of other walks there at different times, different seasons.

The paths symbolise how we choose our pathways in life. Do we want to go deeper into our experiences? Do we feel more alone at times? Maybe we need to withdraw from the humdrum of energy around us so that we can recharge our energy and start again.

All the time we are walking our path, we are not alone from all of nature. We only need to walk out on the land or amongst the trees, in the wildwood, to feel the uplifting energy that they share with us. The trees will listen to our thoughts, they will be the silent non-judgemental listening friends that we need. The Trees will allow you the time and space to be inspired, the clarity of air will bring fresh ideas and dreams to you. Always walk on the land with a notebook and pen, stop a while, record the signs you are seeing, the hawk in the sky, the deer in the distance, the cloud formation that is taking shape. Notice and record the tree that draws you attention. Sketch in your journal if you can or take photos, capture the essence of the land and what it is sharing with you. Hear the story of the Forest, the land and the natural world around you and give thanks for the beauty before you, behind you, beside you, beneath you, above you and within you. We are all connected.

Blessed be xx