Teachings, Guidance and Direction

Teachings, guidance and direction are needed at different stages of our lives. Challenges arrive at the most unexpected of times.

Sometimes you are motoring along with your spiritual development and come to a sudden stop, almost like hitting a brick wall. You were having the most amazing journeys and suddenly nothing…oh yes, that has happened to us all!!

Have you had the most amazing spiritual experience, but can’t make head nor tail of it?

Mentoring Sessions

Are you wanting to have extra teachings ? Well, I am now offering Mentoring Sessions, where we can sit together and I can introduce you to different ways of viewing your situation.

Sometimes just talking about your situation in sacred space can shed new light and lighten the outlook of your current situation. But we can also find the way forward from a wisewoman, and shamanic outlook.

You may not have many spiritually aware people around you in your tribe and need someone to listen to something exciting that has happened and have help understanding the messages it brings.

So I am happy to listen, to guide and to bring empowerment into your energy  during these sessions.

Let’s stir the cauldron together !


Willow xx