“Can you feel the energy around you?” said the Pharmakeute beneath the Full Moon as she looked deeper into the Greenwood. Her eyes looked deep into the silver shadows seeing figures of mystery standing between the trees. Her ears heard every whisper that the wind said. The energy swirled, the Spirits of the land drew close, and the dance of the energy began.

Ancient Pharmakeute

Pharmakeute the first Witches of the lands.  Pharmakeute were at one with the with the Spirits of the land, they saw their form, knew their characteristics, and worked with their attributes. They danced in the storms, rose with the sun. They worked in ritual with the moon cycles and worked magic with the plants. Spirits of ancient Witches wove magic beneath the moon with stars reflecting in their eyes. The Greenwoods were in their hearts and they were at one with all of nature.

Greenwood Magic

Magic of the Greenwood is rich with life, of death and of rebirth. The energy that rises with the pulse of the plants and trees can be felt if you stand on the land and really connect, if you too open your eyes and ears and heart to the magic.

Following Pharmakeute Footsteps

Following in the steps of the ancient ones, as Pharmakeute I work with the magic of the ancients. In the Greenwood magic is where I place my feet, breathe life and connect to the spirits around me. Treading carefully in ancient traditions, listening to the teachings of the land.

Pharmakeute, Trees and Wild Plants

Trees and Wild Plants are my passion, in all the threads that run deep in my pathway, they are my allies. So many teachings gained over the years from the wilds of the land, our land. I use Trees and Wild Plants in my Shamanic Healing and in my Priestess work. I work deeply with them as Pharmakeute. Their energies combine beautifully in the creation of my energy work and in my magical workings.

Magical Pharmacy

Working in my Healing Room with my magical pharmacy of dried wild plants and bark, leaf and roots of trees is like a blending of life itself. Spirit energies of Wild Plants and Trees, held respectively in essence bottles. All are ready to be woven into bespoke mixes of magic just for you. All are created for you by working with the spirit energies of these beautiful beings. Jars of dried sacred herbs fill my cupboards ready to create bespoke magical herbal pouches for you and your wellbeing.

Roots, Shoots, Bones and Stones

I am Pharmakeute. I work under the moon and stars. With the fires, winds and waters of nature. Also with the roots and shoots and with the bones and stones of Mother Earth herself. Sheer Magic!

Blessed Be.

Willow xx