Tarot Readings On-Line

Tarot Readings On-Line Tarot Readings on-line are fabulous if we don't live in the same area or on other sides of the globe! Also they are sometimes needed in this ever moving forwards technical world and lockdowns. So I thought I would take this time to just explain on how Readings On-Line work. Guidance You [...]

Wise Woman Workshop Crones Corner

Crones Corner Visit Crones Corner, this is a sacred place that holds magic, wisdom, Wise Woman knowledge of herbs, plants and trees, candles and all things magical! Crones Corner Workshops are a series of wild workshops that I am offering to you, where will explore the spirit and magical energy of all things natural. [...]

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Hi, I have been consciously walking my Spiritual path since 1993 and am fully qualified in Spiritual Healing, a Master Shamanic Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, and other complementary therapies… read moreĀ 


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