The magic of journals is captivating. You are stepping into the beginning of  a fabulous journey. From the moment you are gifted a pretty blank book or you choose one that catches your eye. You open that cover of your new journal and caress that first page…the journey has begun!

Book of Your Soul

Your journal will become a book of your soul. It will be the guardian of your deepest thoughts, your memories, your inspirations. Held within your journal are your deepest dreams, along with channeled messages given and received. This amazing journal will hold the map of your journey, the measure of your growth. Meanings to syncronicities will grace the pages as you journey through life. Record your journey through your past lives and this life. Understand yourself better as your life journey unfolds.

Keeper of Secrets

Your Journal is your Keeper of Secrets. Journal into the pages, your secrets, your plans. Map out your tomorrows within the beautiful pages with pretty inked pens. The mean-a-lot writings are placed in chosen pages. Read again from time to time and let those smiles creep across your face. Deepest thoughts written are held there for you to see things from a different perspective.

Spirit Journals

In your Spirit journals, record everything from shamanic journeys steeped with information. Keep track of meditations so that you can remember the intricate details. Divination has a special place within your pages, important messages given by Spirit, never to be forgotten. Musings from your silent times, surrounded by incense and candle light. Words of ancient stories collected and saved.

Putting Pen to Paper

Having a journal opens you up to a world of being creative about yourself and your journey. Creative drawings, different coloured inks, words of wisdom, inspirational quotes are popped in to add a flourish of colour, this can also reveal a lot about you. Create beautiful keepsakes that are totally yours to read time and time again. Memories springing from the pages and you dive into old journals. Laugh at your comical tales. Be surprised with your words written in times gone by, but remembered instantly as your turn the pages of the past. They become your history of magical times chosen to be held between the covers of your journals.

Journal Guidance

Come and open your journal and turn some pages. Make a start, explore different ideas and insprations. I offer some fab journal workshops where journeys have begun. Come and learn some inspirations and ideas of how you can plan your pages. Let musings and creativity flow. Let your magical journal  come alive with your energy and sacred writings.

Journal workshops:

Your Journey Journal

Spirit Journal

Greenwood Journal.

Greenwood Blessings

Willow xx