I have been busy preparing for clients to return to my Healing Room once the time is right.

Working Distantly

Covid19 forced my hand to do more work on-line than I would usually offer. I have to say, that the clients who trusted me when I said this was absolutely possible, have reaped the benefits and have loved this option! This is something I will be continuing to offer, as I have many more global clients now. In the World of Energy, there are no boundaries!

I will shortly be writing in detail about ‘distant healing on-line’ as I keep being nudged to do so. This will answer your questions as to ‘How this works’!

Preparing Safety Standards

So, in readiness for when the time is right to open my Healing Room door again. For when my lovely clients return and can visit in person for Healings, Readings and Teachings. I have been preparing the Covid19 safety standards that will be required. And will continue to do so until they are spot on, as and when we are informed of them.

Those clients who have visited me for any of the Healings that I offer are aware that I work very ‘Hands Off’ rather than ‘Hands On’ which is good in these times! So, as it turns out, I have been ahead of the game after all these years!

Masks Gloves and Tissue Rolls

All these odd things that a Shamanic Practitioner does not usually need to think about! Full face shield and masks for me. Disposable masks for you, if you forget to bring your own. Rubber gloves for me. Tissue Rolls for my therapy bed to protect you….to name just a few…and believe me, there are more!! Oh and not forgetting me taking a test to receive a certificate, to let you know that I know all about Covid19 cleansing and protection! I will give you guidance on my safety procedure when you make your appointment.

Squidgy Therapy Bed and Medicine Blanket

For those of you who remark on my ‘Oh so comfy’ therapy bed topper and my beautiful Medicine Blanket. Sadly I will be removing these off of my therapy bed for the time being. This will not effect your Shamanic Healing in any way, albeit my therapy bed will not be as squidgy! But I will endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible for your Healing sessions.

No Hugs Or Handshakes

Hugs will be out of the window for a long while, no doubt. So please forgive me if I do not give you a welcome hug when you come through the door. And if, during your appointment, when you are sobbing into a tissue, please forgive me if I stay seated on my chair or beside the therapy bed and keep my distance. Instead of offering you my comforting hand on your hand, as I say that “you are doing well and it is good for these feelings to surface, together we will deal with them”. It will be hard for those of us who naturally give and receive hugs!

This Will Pass

This Covid19 has brought up many changes, some good and for some not so good. However, nothing will stop us. If this means working a little differently than we usually do, then so be it. And if extra safety standards need putting in place to keep us safe, then so be it. Then that is ok by me, as you, my clients are my priority.

Rest Assured

Rest assured that I will be following strict guidelines, for your safety and mine. Appointments will be well spaced to give me time between clients to cleanse and prepare my Healing Room for each and every one of my fabulous clients. You are so worth it!

See You Soon

As soon as it is right for me to open my Healing Room door, I will do, I have missed you all!

Until then and continuing afterwards, it’s distant on-line sessions, so I will see you behind the computer screen!

Greenwood Blessings

Willow xx