I went out on the land today and enjoyed the sunshine before the fog appeared again like a mystical blanket. I was looking through the zoom lens of my camera, taking shots of the sleepy land…or not so sleepy now, as you could feel the energy of Mother Earth ever – so – slightly changing. Take time to walk on the soft belly of Mother Earth and feel her heart beat beating with yours. Look at the finer detail of all the sleepy plants, the cobwebs laced with frost, the blades of grass holding intricate crystals of ice beneath your feet that scrunch as you walk across them. See the sparkles of frost on washing left out on the washing line, ¬†catching the sunlight like silver glitter. Goddess Danu and Morgen Tyronoe casting magic across the land…. the natural ‘bling’ of nature…how beautiful !

Embrace the beauty of the season and embrace the beauty of you.

Blessings and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Willow xx