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A Deep Healing Journey of Discovery

Are you ready to embark on your Wildwood Healing Journey of Discovery?

This is a deep Journey which will require commitment, stamina and facing your Shadows.

Creating your magical pathways through the undergrowth beneath the trees.


Shadows come in many forms, many depths. Without shadows we do not learn lessons, but we do not need to stay in the deep soul clutching bogs of the darkest forests of our beings.

No! We need to bring clarity to our path through the Wildwoods of Life!

Day One: Earth

Earth! Let us begin our Journey in the element of Earth, the starting point of setting our path. We will begin by clearing your pathway forward through the Wildwood before you. We will journey deeply into the magic of your self, this is all about re-membering who you are, reconnecting to the You who you were and are becoming. Plotting your pathway!

Day Two: Air

Air! Deeply remembering, resetting visions and dreams. Bringing clarity with the Magical Moon and the Winds through the Trees, and the Mysterious Dimensions!

Day Three: Fire

Fire! Release and Reclaim. Destroy your Shadows and Ignite your Spark. Bring Fire back into your Belly. Sit around the Ancestral Fires of deep wisdom and connections.

Day Four: Water

Water!  Diving deep, release and flow. Like the waters that flow across the land. Become the flowing stream through the Wildwoods of your life, glisten, bubble and flow.

Resurface and Breathe!

The Steps Along Your Journey

  • Shadow Work
  • Earthwalking
  • Pathfinding
  • Sacred Pathways
  • Seeking Your Mysteries
  • Ancestral Work
  • Elements
  • Healing
  • Wisdom
  • Ritual
  • Ceremony

Is this a Course?

No, this is not a course, nor a set of workshops. This is also not a ‘How To…’ journey….

This is a Deep Healing Journey of Self Discovery.

Allowing yourself to dive deep into your mysterious shadow…the hidden parts that you will shed light on…the journey from who you were to who you are and will be.

The deep journey through eons of time and dimensions, to face and accept the changes within yourself.

To awaken the hidden you.

Various Magical Tools, Shamanic and Magical Processes will be used during our work together.

Magic will be awoken.

Each step forward, a day at a time, will ignite your energy and the clarity of your journey.

This work is deep and you will be held in sacred space as each day with me progresses.

Emerge the other side of the Wildwoods, magically empowered!

Roots, Shoots and Growth

You will be held in safe healing space through your days with me. I will journey to your shadows with you…. you will not be alone.

Each of the 4 days is taken with a 4 week gap before the next day, until all four days of your journey are completed.

The 4 weeks between each day you are with me you will have time to digest that step of your journey that you have taken and to renew your footsteps as you journey towards your next day through your Wildwood Path.

This is your personal exciting magical healing journey, tread your footsteps well.


Your commitment is paramount to complete the journey.

This is a deep investment of your time, intentions, path and self magic. Once beginning you will need to reach the end…or you will be forever caught up in the thicket.

If you feel you can’t complete all 4 days, then do not take those first steps…the path will not clear for you to walk along the Wildwood pathways with me for this journey, and you will be claimed by the brambles!

You may then need to review your intentions and perhaps choose a different Wildwood Course or Workshop that I offer.

However, if your intentions are clear and you wish to complete this journey…then you will be able to move the brambles to one side and your pathway will become clear.

We will be working deeply along your journey and we will need to have a good connection before we journey together.

I am passionate about this, your journey. I will take you into your shadows and bring back through magical moon lit magical pathways of time.


Your Investment for this 4 day (over 4 months) Deep Journey is £800

Booking your Days

Each of the 4 days are 10am to 4pm

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss this journey further and to arrange a meeting to see if it is right for us to journey together.

Book this Journey to Begin at Any Time

As this is a personal journey, it can be begun at any time, we set the dates for when you are ready to take those first steps.

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