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Let us visit and connect with the local Sacred Sites and with the Ancestors of our Lands. Honouring those who have walked before. Re-awaken memories of our past in our todays. We will hold  sacred ceremonies honouring the land that has held sacred energy over eons of time. We weave the magic of our roots and of our lineages. Listen to the Ancestral knowledge as it whispers through the winds of time. Visions flow as we connect into the energy streams that circle us in sacred space.

Outdoor wear suitable for the season.

Staff or Stang.

Drum or Rattle.

Natural Offerings.

Journal and Pen.

Camera or charged silent phone.

Water and Nibbles.

A light camping chair or blanket.

Various Sacred Sites to visit. Varying times and costs.

A few options:

Kinson Nature Reserve.

Knowlton Henge.

West Kennet Long Burrow.



…to name a few!

Various places, times and costings.

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