Ogham Guidance for Today

Hazel – Coll

You have learned many lessons through your lifetime and you have lived many lifetimes through your soul’s existence. You have met many powerful animals as you have walked your earth walk, from the smallest insect, to the largest of animals, winged, furry and wet skinned ones. You have met many powerful people, from the newborn babies to the aged elders from all walks of life. You have sat and listened to the messages from behind the veil and from the messages of Ancestors within the earth. You have sat with many Trees, from the saplings to the giants. All of them bringing lessons to you.

As you have accumulated their stories, you have savoured their knowledge and you have in turn become a Wisdom Keeper, a Keeper of Knowledge. How wise you are. Share your stories and knowledge to those who ask, for they too are accumulating their knowledge to become wisdom keepers along their soul’s journey.

You are Wise. You are an Inspiration…own it!


Willow xx