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Come and journey around the Goddess Wheel of the Year with me. Connect and expand your knowledge of each of the 9 British Goddesses that are at each turn of the wheel. Learn of their energy and attributes. Call upon them when you need extra support in your life. Dip your toes into a new path, learn the energy of each turn of the Wheel, see the changes on the land and feel Goddess in each season, each element and within each footstep that you take. This can be very empowering as you recognise the Goddess within you too as your own wheel turns..we are all connected!

This is a learning workshop for you to have a deeper understanding of the Wheel of the Year with Goddess in Nature.

If you wish to learn more and have a deeper connection with an individual Goddess, please then book for a Bespoke 1:1 Sacred Goddess Moments session.

Bring with you a Journal/Note book and Pen

Please note:

Bring with you a Journal/Note book and Pen

Bring your lunch.


I teach this as a 1:1 workshop also in small groups

This workshop will be held in person or on Zoom as an online workshop

Please contact me to arrange your time and date.

Workshop duration is 10 am -4pm

Your investment is £150

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