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Reclaim the Wild Woman Within!

Personally walk the Wheel of the Year on a personal journey of discovery and reclaim the Wild Woman Within.

This is a new powerful wild course with a familiar name !!

This is a complete course of 8 workshops each one will include healing, empowerment, discovery and fun while walking the Wheel of the Year.

Awaken the Raw Wild Woman that you are.

Bring out the Wise Wild Woman from within.

Reclaim your Raw Wild Woman Within.

Connect to the essence of Mother Earth and Goddess, as we work with nature.

Discover your Goddess.

Wild Energy

Let us embrace the power of the Seasons.

Embrace the Wild Magic within you.

Weave the energies of the Wild Elements into your own life.

Dance with your shadow side.

Be Empowered as you take control of your footsteps forward.

Let us begin at the Wild Woman time of the Wild Crone.

Dive deep into the mysteries of your own Cauldron, as you begin to reclaim who you truly are.

Let the Wild Woman Within journey begin!

Be prepared for a journey of changes, this is a self empowering course.

Therefore to every Wild Woman, this journey is unique to you.

The Wild Weavings

Working with Goddess.

Honouring our Ancestors.

Meeting Goddess in Her many faces. Meeting the Earth Mother.

Connect with the Wild Beat of Mother Earth.

Ceremonies, including Blessings

Energy Processes to clear unwanted energies that may hold you back.

Empowerment Rituals.


Finding the true ‘You’ and Honouring the Wild Woman that you are.

Journey meet the Lord and Lady of the Wild.

Are you ready to meet the Wild Woman of your own becoming?

What to Bring

  • Note book and pen
  • Outdoor clothes
  • Wellies
  • Lunch
  • Offerings…herbs, rose petals, birdseed, ribbons

Optional extras: A trip to Glastonbury (cost and date to be confirmed)

This is a 1:1 journey due to the nature of the work. Please contact me and send me an email telling me about yourself and your path to be considered for a place on this journey.

There will be indoors and outdoor work too and also work to do at home.

Times Dates and Investment


Each day will be 10am – 4pm


8 modules to be arranged…please contact me with your diary at the ready, to book your dates.

This journey may be begun at any time during 2024…the Goddess Wheel never stops turning.

This course is offered as a One to One, but small groups may be arranged.


£1,200 or £150 per module payable one month in advance of each module.

Your dedication as this course is done as an in-depth personal process

Venue: Bournemouth Dorset

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