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Roots Shoots Bones and Stones

Join me for a Greenwood Magic two day workshop working with Roots Shoots Bones and Stones.

I sit here before my Cauldron, waiting for you to step into my world of Magic.

When you pick up the bone to stir the cauldron, you may find yourself being taken back to times before, when you too sat and created.

Magical Growth

So are you ready to dip your toes into the Magic of the Earth? Then you are welcome to come and explore the Magic of Roots. The Growth of the Shoots. The Stones beneath your feet. And the Bones of all, within in this two day workshop.

Day One: Exploring Roots and Shoots

This is a gentle workshop….(I pause….Is that the correct description I ask myself?!….grinning!) that will connect you to the Magic of the Earth and to the Magic of Self.

Roots travel deep into the Belly of Mother Earth, laying the foundations. Let us travel along side the magic of Root Energy. Finding your way and daring to go deeper into this magical day.

Let us stir in our cauldrons the Shoots of all growth, including our own. Feel the glimmer of magical energy around you.  Are you ready to add to your own Magic and own it?

Day Two: Bones and Stones

So, you are wanting to return, thirsty for the magic that you began creating yesterday?

We are deepening the magic again today. Working with Bones and Stones today.

Bones are within all of us, holding the magical energy of all the yesterdays. Bones connect us to our ancestors and those who have walked before. Are you ready for the Magic to connect you to that which is deep within you. Are you feeling the Magic within your Bones growing stronger?

Stones are the structure of Mother Earth, just as Bones are our structure. Let us use stones to form structure to the magic we have woven. The Magic which we are creating.

Your Magic Awakens

Gathering together all the magic that we have worked with, we will be holding an Magic Ritual to empower your work. We will bring in the Greenwood Energy

We come to completion of our magical two days together…..

You are always welcome to return .

What you will need

Journal or BOS.

Your Staff/Stang if you have one.

Outdoor clothing

A light weight picnic/camping chair that you can carry over your shoulder.

Lunch for both days plus water to drink.

Offerings for the Ancestors and Mother Earth.

Roots Shoots Bones and Stones One to One and Online

This workshop can also be done as a One to One  and also On Line.

For On Line workings we will be working indoors only!

These can be booked to suit our diaries.

Times Dates and Investment

Times: 10am  – 4pm on both days

Dates: This 2 day journey may be done at any time to suit our diaries. 


In Person £320

Online via Zoom: £320

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