Meeting Your Ancestors Day of Ceremony

Bournemouth 3 Youngs Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Come along for a powerful empowering Day of Ceremony. A powerful and empowering day of Ceremony. Learn about your very own Ancestors. Connect deeply with your own family lineage past and present. Understand yourself better once you meet them and make the changes you need to change within your own life. Interesting, Surprising. Knowing. [...]

Spirit of Trees Workshop

Shamanic Willow 3 Youngs Road, Bouremouth, United Kingdom

Connect with Spirit of Trees during this Shamanic workshop….even if its raining!! A Shamanic workshop for those who wish to work deeper with the lives of Trees, to understand them, hear their stories and to begin a deeper journey with them. Learn how to step into their magic world. Hear their Voices, Feel their [...]

Roots Shoots Bones and Stones Witch Workshop

Shamanic Willow 3 Youngs Road, Bouremouth, United Kingdom

Roots Shoots Bones and Stones Join me for a Greenwood Magic two day workshop working with Roots Shoots Bones and Stones. I sit here before my Cauldron, waiting for you to step into my world of Magic. When you pick up the bone to stir the cauldron, you may find yourself being taken back [...]

Magical Healing Poppets and Spirit Dolls

Shamanic Willow 3 Youngs Road, Bouremouth, United Kingdom

Learn about Magical Poppets and Spirit Dolls So who are these little Spirit Beings and what do they do? Learn the magic about these amazing Witch tools, often found in old cottages from times gone by. Full of mystery and magic. Find out about their commitment to you and your commitment to them. Healing [...]

Wildwood Empowerment Ritual

Shamanic Willow 3 Youngs Road, Bouremouth, United Kingdom

Wildwood Empowerment Ritual Come with me deep into the Wildwood for a Empowerment Ritual. This is a personal magical ritual just for you. So are you ready to step into the shadows at this magical time? Shadows Walk through the Shadows that dance between the trees and connect with the magic of the mysterious [...]

Wise Womans Crones Corner

Crones Corner Visit Crones Corner, this is a sacred place that holds magic, wisdom, Wise Woman knowledge of herbs, plants and trees, candles and all things magical! Crones Corner Workshops are a series of wild workshops that I am offering to you, where will explore the spirit and magical energy of all things natural. [...]