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Let us begin our journey exploring the Wheel of the Year from a Wildwood way connecting with the Trees that hold the magic and mystery of the land.
Learn to use the Wildwood Wheel as an empowerment journey for yourself.
Map out your path through the woods with the help of these beautiful energies held within the mystery of Nature
Get to know the wisdom of the Wheel as it turns.
Work with the Wildwood Wheel year after year to enrich your life, your thoughts and your inspiration and most of all work with it to get to known Yourself !
During his workshop build your understanding of how the Wildwood Wheel can deepen your connection with yourself and the land and for your magical development as you walk your earthwalk. You will enhance and deepen your path around the Wildwood Wheel. 
This is a suitable workshop for total beginners and for those who wish to look at the Wheel in a different perspective.
Please have prepared:
  • An A4 Note book and pen.
This workshop is held as a 1:1 workshop in person or online. Contact me to book a workshop date suitable for both of us.
I can also hold this workshop for a small group of 4 people


Bring your lunch.

Bring outdoor Shoes/Boots.

Your day workshop is 10 am – 4pm

Your investment is £150

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