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Welcome to the Wildwood Ways

Join me for a year of connecting to the magic of the Wildwood Ways. This is a fabulous Path taking you deeper into the mysteries, deeper into the Wild, deeper into the shadows to connect with Wildwood Magic….how exciting !

This is also an inner course of discovery of who you are becoming, your strengths and power, your magic, your firm footsteps forward and your hesitations and how to weave your own Ivy path, reaching upwards…. how powerful ! This course has a thread of empowerment woven in with the Trees.

Growing the Grove

During the 8 modules we will be covering :

  • Willow’s Wildwood Wheel.
  • Ancestral Roots.
  • Standing Tall.
  • Branching Out.
  • Shedding Leaves.
  • Wildwood Mystery and Magic.
  • Wildwood Mapping.
  • Wildwood Vision Quest
  • Wildwood Whispers.
  • Wildwood Rituals.

We will be connecting out in various deep Wildwoods, so there may be car sharing travel involved, and also a day trip further out during the course, as well as working indoors.

What you will need

  • A Journal to use out on your path and a pen.
  • A camera or your charged phone for taking photos.
  • Wellies and waterproofs.
  • Warm clothes
  • Offerings, bird seed, dried flowers etc
  • Your Staff / Stang.
  • Lunch. drinking bottle for trips out. (tea/coffee cakes fruit provided )

Course Times, Dates and Investment


There are 8 Modules, each module being 10am – 4pm, with the day further out being a longer day…more of that when you book.


To be arranged between us when you are wishing to begin your journey

You investment for this journey

£1,200 or payable in 8 x £150 instalments by agreement.

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