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I look forward to welcoming you to this workshop….Many Labyrinths, Many Journeys.

I will take you on a journey of discovery.

This will be a journey of discovery of Self and the Magic of the Labyrinth.

Different Labyrinths

There are different Labyrinths.

During this workshop we will be working with Cretan Labyrinths and Chartres Labyrinths and a Triskele Labyrinth too..yes really!…. and you will get chance to work with all.

The Labyrinth Magic

You will learn of the history of the Labyrinth Magic, the power and the energy…and believe me it is magical!

During your journey you understand the pathway that you will be taking.

Healing and Wisdom

Labyrinths have been used for eons of time for Healings and Guidance and you will have the chance to experience both during this magical time.

I myself have been working with Labyrinths for many years and I cannot wait to share the magic with you.

To Bring

You will need to bring with you:

Journal and Pen

Bottle of Water, maybe a snack to nibble.

Light camping chair or something to sit on the land.

Gnat repellent if you are prone to being nibbled by the winged buzzy ones!

An offering to leave on the land, birdseed, petals, etc


I aim to hold this workshop indoors and also on the land, in a magical place, weather permitting.

If it is raining it will be held indoors.

Venue will be revealed upon booking.

Duration 10am – 4pm

Investment £150

Other Arrangements

This workshop is held as a one to one workshop, contact me to arrange your time and date.

This can also be offered as an online workshop, again contact me for details

I can also arrange this workshops is small groups of 4 people.

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